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Master seminar in cooperation with Humpert

Screenshot des Zoom-Meetings zum Abschluss des Masterseminars mit allen Teilnehmern*innen, Dozenten*innen und Vertretern*innen von Humpert Please provide a copyright notice

As part of the master's seminar "Learning by Consulting" in the winter semester 20/21, the Professorship of Marketing cooperated with Humpert, focusing on the bicycle component brand "ergotec", which has now been on the market for over 10 years. The students conducted research on various topics related to the ergotec brand. Their investigations and insightful findings were presented on March 2. Willi Humpert concluded by saying, "Science meets practice should always bring a win-win situation. Many thanks to the dedicated master students for their comprehensive and committed efforts in preparing their seminar papers. The scientific results show that we are on the right track in many areas, but also reveal new opportunities." We would also like to thank Humpert for the great cooperation!

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