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Department of Business and Economics

Research Visit by Prof. Moty Amar

Prof. Moty Amar vom Ono Academic College © Moty Amar​/​Ono Academic College

As part of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility, Prof. Moty Amar from Ono Academic College, Tel Aviv, Israel, visited the Professorship of Marketing.

For more than four years, the Professorship of Marketing has been managing an ERASMUS+ exchange program with Ono Academic College in Israel. To deepen the relationship in research, Prof. Moty Amar, Ph.D., visited Dortmund. Mr. Amar is the Deputy Head of the School of Marketing and Digital Communication at Ono Academic College. His research focuses on the analysis of consumer decisions that are supposedly made rationally, but at their core are driven by individual psycho-logic. He has studied "rational irrationality" in medical services, dietary decisions, and social media use, among others. Further collaboration with the team of the professorship is planned in the area of food waste prevention.